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Quick connection focused on performance

Connection solutions for racing applications

With Stäubli connectors and fueling devices, performance and safety always come first. We offer a complete range of clean-break connection solutions, including couplings designed to be resistant to high pressure and vibrationshock proof and compatible with all motorsport fluids

Staübli’s mechatronics expertise has brought significant improvements to electric and hybrid power trains. We continue to support manufacturers in the design of new vehicles such as those used in Formula E, which requires high-performance electrical and fluid connections.

Our highly compact products are made of lightweight materials and feature anti-pollution technology, making them ideally suited to the demands of motorsports.  



Hydraulic power

- Quick couplings for high pressure - Extreme resistance to harsh conditions and vibrations

Fuel circuits

Increased safety guaranteed by break-away connections

Quick lift

Compact and easy to connect Air jack Lance for quick car lifting

Electronics cooling

Perfectly tight quick-release couplings for on-board electronic circuits cooling

Pit-stop refueling

Extra high flow rate, safety minimizing pit-stops, FIA/ACO recommended

Electrical hybrid connection

Break-away electrical connections for high voltage and high power circuits

Engine oil refilling

Quick and clean oil filling thanks Stäubli’s clean-break technology

Brake circuit connection

Non-spill couplings for quick and reliable brake line connections

Tire inflation

- Complete solution to ensure maximum performance and optimum safety during tire inflation - Exact pressure adjustment thanks to non-spill design


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