CSS carpet software solutions

Stäubli offers the high-performance CSS carpet software solutions, the fruit of many years of close collaboration with an experienced software developer. Using these efficient programs, a virtually unlimited variety of patterns can be created, edited and optimally placed on the weaving machine. Production parameters and other data can be transferred over a local network, and software updates downloaded and machine settings optimized online.

CSS Carpet Weaver

The CSS Carpet Weaver program is used to prepare your designs for weaving on any carpet loom. It adds a weave structure to the design, and converts it into the right file format for the Jacquard.

The CSS Carpet Weaver program can handle any kind of weave structure, and reduces “mixed contours” to an absolute minimum. Single and double pile can be combined with “sisal”, cut and loop pile can be used in one design, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

The program is compatible with all current CAD systems on the market and can be integrated in your ERP software.

CSS offers full support in finding the optimal solution for your specific type of weaving. You require special weave structures or you have problems with yarn breakage, loops on the back of the carpet or “mixed contours”? Stäubli may have the software solution for you.

CSS Loom Manager

Most modern looms are 4m wide – most carpets are not. So the loom is divided in sections, and different carpets are woven in each section. In the ideal situation the whole width of the loom is used like this. The CSS Loom Manager helps you to create the best possible solution.

Working with the CSS Loom Manager saves time, reduces the material waste to a minimum and increases the overall efficiency of your looms.

The weave plans created with the CSS Loom Manager can be transferred to the loom via your network. Stäubli can supply complete network systems for all your looms. Any type of electronic Jacquard can be integrated in one network.

This program is used in combination with the CSS Carpet Weaver program, and is just as easy to use.