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The ALPHA 560 UNIVERSAL carpet weaving machine has been developed for carpet manufacturers that weave a wide variety of carpet qualities, with different carpet sizes up to 5.3 m weaving width.

This weaving machine is Stäubli's answer to today's market requirements such as rapid design changes and sophisticated weave structures. Convenient yarn handling, compactness, and high operational reliability combined with long service life are decisive advantages of the ALPHA 560 UNIVERSAL carpet weaving system.

The extraordinary adaptability and productivity of the overall system will delight any carpet weaving mill searching for an efficient production solution.

  • Up to 92 colour combinations can be realized on an 8 frame machine due to the possible double and triple point technique.
  • Depending on the reed density up to 16 colours are possible.
  • Low, mid-range and high density carpets can be produced.
  • Up to 33,792 pile threads by combining four Jacquard machines on the top
  • The system offers exceptional operational reliability
  • Cut pile
  • Cut pile and flat fabrics
  • Patterning on the ground
  • Weft patterning
  • Reverse
  • Sisal
  • High pile



Rapier principle

Double rapier system with take-over on the top, direct drive technology

Weft insertion Aerostatically-guided rigid rapier ensures maximum service life of the rapier rods
Multi Weft Selection Rich pattern possibilities with up to 2x6 weft channels

Shed formation of pile yarn

Jacquard machine LX2493, up to 33,792 pile threads by combining 4 machines

Shed formation of the ground warp

Electronically controlled dobby with up to 12/16 harness frames

Warp tension control 2-tier warp beam stand supports equal warp tension; its construction allows optimum handling, operability, quick installation and shows compact design 
Separating thread area Ingeniously designed separating thread area offers excellent visibility of warp and pile yarns
Pile yarn cutting Cutting knife actuated by toothed drive belt, with two-sided grinding units, for uniform pile heights
Carpet draw-off Full-metal long-life needle rollers with high needle density, assure gentle handling, even for sensitive carpet backs
System Control 1 centralized controller, permanent status display

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