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CSS carpet software solutions

Optimum use of the weaving widths whilst being able to weave a large panel of patterns for versatile customers are keys for running today’s carpet mills economically. CSS carpet software solutions offer efficient programs allowing virtually unlimited variety in patterning and support the optimum organization of weaving machine.

  • CSS carpet weaver adds a weave structure to the design and converts it into the right file format for the Jacquard machine
  • CSS Loom Manager supports the weaver to organize/exploit at its best the available weaving width when weaving rugs of different sizes.
Technical specifications
  • Compatible with all current CAD systems
  • CSS can be integrated in the weavers’ ERP software
  • Handles any kind of weave structure
  • Saves time and costs
  • Reduces material costs to a minimum
  • Increases the overall efficiency of the weaving system
  • CSS can supply complete network system for all customers loom

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