Controllers CS9

CS9 robot controller: the next generation of controllers

The CS9 controller, with its smart design and compacity, offers consistent availability. Its open architecture makes it compatible to the production world and allows faster integration for each user profile

Safety features are embedded for each application profile.

A generic powerful control platform
Stäubli CS9 robot controller
Compact and smart design
CS9 robot controller
Consistent availability
  • Interchangeable drawers and easy access 
  • Front access for all operations
  • Standardized components
  • Universal power supply for all voltages
SP2 manual control unit
SP2 manual control unit

This unique terminal combines a lightweight design, ergonomics (for left or right-handed user) and robustness with outstanding functionality:

  • Operation, configuration and visualization for various use cases (setup, production or maintenance)
  • Integrated safety functions (3-position dead-man control, emergency stop),
  • Ease of use, graphics and intuitive interface.
Faster integration for each usage profile
  • Powerful multitasking VAL3 language
  • library based extension possibilities
  • uniVAL plc offering IEC 61131 PLC language support
  • uniVAL drive for full joint motion control via ext. motion controller
Controller CS9 Safety
Safety for each application profile
  • CS9 controller with integrated modular safety function possibilities:
    Safe speed | Safe stop | Safe tool | Safe zone | Safe touch
  • Seamless configuration switch for highly productive and collaborative applications