Power cobots TX2touch-90

TX2touch-90 POWER cobot

TX2touch is the only cobot with the SIL3/PLe safety level. It is highly productive due to the performance, smart connectivity and reliability inherited from TX2 robots and its CS9 controller.

The TX2touch-90 series has a payload of up to 20 kg with a maximum reach of 1450 mm.

Experts in Man and Machine

The TX2touch is a unique range of cobots designed for safe Man Robot Collaboration while maintaining high productivity.

Main features and benefits
Stäubli TX2touch-90 collaborative robot
Designed for smart integration
  • Large and efficient spherical working range
  • Integrated electrical and pneumatic user circuit including Cat5e
  • Sealed vertical cable option bringing additional and smart integration options
Stäubli Safe touch skin
Safe touch skin

The skin brings a supplementary functionality to enable the following SAFE issues:

  • When you touch the skin the robot stops
  • When you get hit by the robot it will not hurt you
  • When you get trapped by the robot it will not crush you
  • It is also equipped with status lights for functional diagnosis
TX2touch Gripper padding
Gripper padding
  • Skin pads for tools can be added with the same safety level
  • Eases the safety certification of the robotic cell
  • Protect the embedded cameras, measurements devices or gripper by preventing collisions
Stäubli gearbox JCS
High performance kinematics
  • Over 125 years of experience in fast moving technology
  • Light and rigid structure
  • Patented JCS smart gearbox specially designed for compact robots
  • Compatible with NSF H1 food oil with no loss in performance