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True PV Safety. Enabled.


Training & Education offerings to enhance safety

Training & Education

Expand your expertise and elevate solar safety

As the photovoltaic industry rapidly grows, maintaining up-to-date knowledge through continuous training is crucial to keep pace with its progress. The quality and reliability of PV installations depend on a well-educated workforce. Therefore, investing in premium training programs is vital. The knowledge of the workforce is a robust competitive advantage and is key to the industry's sustainable growth and excellence in safety. 

Keeping pace with the photovoltaic growth through continuous education

Continuous education is paramount in empowering individuals and organizations to keep up with the fast-paced growth of the photovoltaic industry. We are committed to helping you keep your expertise current and competitive in an environment where knowledge becomes outdated almost as swiftly as it is acquired.

Knowledge on safety aspects and procedures helps mitigate risks.

True PV Safety. Enabled.

With over 25 years of experience, we consider it our duty to impart our accumulated knowledge to enhance the safety and efficiency of solar power systems.

Enhance your skills through training

Education is the cornerstone of expanding knowledge which is necessary for ensuring quality photovoltaic installations.

Join the Stäubli Training Academy to develop your knowledge and expand your team’s capabilities.

We offer profile-based training courses for all professionals at every stage of their careers. The Stäubli Training Academy provides online courses, webinars and also in-person training to be booked with our experts.

Confirmations as a learning check

  • Recognition of Attendance is issued for all training courses
  • Certificate of Qualification is given for certain training after passing the final examination


Continuing Education Units (specific to the U.S. market) can be obtained by accomplishing certain Advanced Training courses 

The training courses

eBOS solutions

Benefit from our entire eBOS products and service offerings for optimizing DC wiring and increasing efficiency and safety.


Gain the trust of investors and build the foundation for long-term economic growth.



Gain knowledge in optimizing your PV system and avoiding technical failures caused by cross-connecting components.