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Cam motions S1600 and S1700 for basic weaves

The Stäubli cam motions series S1600 and S1700 are ideally suited for weaving various plain weaves. The S1700 serie can also be used to produce special heavy fabrics. Both series can be used on air-jet and rapier weaving machines.

  • Robust monobloc housing
  • Integral automatic shed leveling device (S1692 / S1781 / S1792)
  • Quick change of cams and bevel wheel pair
  • Precise transmission of movement to the heddle frames
  • Lubrication by oil bath, or by oil pump, circulation monitored electronically
  • New high-performance harness motion without maintenance
  • Targeted lubrication for the S1792, without oil bath, with a controlled temperature and oil presence

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