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Payload up to 35 kg

Robotic tool changer MPS 035

The MPS 035 is a highly versatile robotic tool changing system designed for small payload applications. This mid-range tool changer has a payload capacity of up to 35 kg and a compact, modular design that makes it easy to adapt to different media, data and power transfer requirements.

The system offers impressive precision and repeatability, with a repeatability of +/- 0.0015 mm and the ability to handle maximum static and dynamic moments of up to 90 Nm and 319 Nm, respectively. The robot adapter flange features an ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 pitch diameter, making it compatible with a wide range of robots and small payload applications.

The MPS 035 is specifically designed to operate in harsh environments with an operating pressure range of 0.45 - 1.0 MPa and an operating temperature range of 0 °C to +50 °C. This rugged tool changer is an excellent solution for those looking for a small system with the precision, versatility and reliability to handle small payloads with ease.


  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Food and beverage production
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • All types of assembly lines and material handling

+/- 0.0015 mm

up to 35 kg 

Max. static moment:
80 Nm

Modul places:

Robotic tool changers - modular solutions for every requirement

Whether your projects have individual and comprehensive requirements or need a fast solution, Stäubli's range of robotic tool changers can quickly meet all complex demands thanks to the modular product concept.

Technical specifications

 MPS 035
Payload35 kg
Max. static moment (Mx/My)80 Nm
Max. static moment (Mz)80 Nm
Max. dynamic moment (Mx/My)280 Nm
Max. dynamic moment (Mz)280 Nm
Operating pressure

0.45 - 1.0 MPa

Operating temperature0 °C - +50 °C 

+/- 0.0015 mm

Height (coupled)

46 mm

Pitch circle diameter (PCD) robot adapter flange

ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6

Module places



Transmission Modules

  • Pneumatic & vacuum module FTM
  • Pneumatic module ROK
  • Ground Pin Module
  • Tool coding module
  • Electric module for signal and data transmission M8/M12
  • Giga module
  • RFID module

Tool stand

  • Flexibility: With the single system components, your own individual storage solutions can be compiled and also easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Modularity: Choose between preconfigured complete systems or single modules that can be used directly with standard profile solutions.
  • Longevity: The floating bearing in the upper part of the system ensures that the tool is optimally held in the drop-off position. The load on the components is minimized.
  • Economical: One tool storage system that can be used as a vertical or 90 ° rotated solution offers a wide range of possible uses.
  • Process reliability: A mechanical fixation with adjustable retention force enables additional securing of the dropped -off tools. The system can optionally be expanded with integrated sensors for status indication.

Teaching aid

  • Simple installation of programming support with a click function
  • Quick and easy determination of coupling position
  • Exact positioning for quick and fault-free docking processes and a long service life
  • No additional software necessary


System for personal and system safety.


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