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Stäubli Renewable Energy supports Sopowerful in bringing Solar where it matters most

July 10, 2023

Connections for sustainable change

Where Solar matters the most

Nearly one billion of the world’s population still lives without access to electricity. They experience daily the severe challenges this implies. This is where electrification through solar power enables tangible and sustainable development and where Stäubli Renewable Energy can step into support.

Sopowerful is an impact-driven organization launched in 2019 in the Netherlands as a registered foundation. Active in Malawi, Tanzania, and Lebanon, the organization implements solar power systems together with local partners for projects that enable health care, empower education, or provide access to safe water for people in underprivileged communities. In parallel, they act as an employer by building the systems with local contractors. To date Sopowerful’s projects impacted more than 110,000 people, something made possible thanks to its partnerships with more than 30 international companies. Among them ranks Stäubli with its offering of solar power connection solutions.

Stäubli’s commitment
Stäubli Renewable Energy’s motivation for sustainable change perfectly matches Sopowerful’s mission. Last year, the contact between the two parties developed further and resulted in an initial donation of Stäubli eBOS components and matching Stäubli PV tooling to support a Sopowerful project in Malawi. This shipment was followed by a comprehensive Stäubli hands-on online training for the local technical team in Malawi in cooperation with a local company active in the design, supply, and installation of solar systems. The training covered various topics to give best-practice advice and instruction on how to safely assemble the Original MC4 connectors to guarantee hazard-free installation and long-lasting performance of the new PV systems.

Enabling essential change
The electrification of medical clinics and hospitals enables essential or better healthcare for 85 % of people living in rural areas. Here solar power grants the powering of key medical equipment and appliances, the conservation of medicines and vaccines, and the necessary lighting.

Education is the key to combating poverty and lays the foundation for the future. Here the electrification allows lighting for extended reading, studies evening classes, the use of certain teaching tools, and security lighting.

Safe water access improves hygiene, lowers health risks, and improves the harvests to fight malnutrition. Solar power facilitates running water for washing and cleaning, cleaner drinking water, and year-round irrigation of cultivated fields.

These are the areas of Sopowerful’s project activities.

Official partnership
Now, Stäubli has signed an agreement to become an official partner of Sopowerful to continuously support the projects in alignment with the SDG goals of 2- Zero Hunger, 3 – Good Health and Well-Being, 4 – Quality Education, 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, 7 – Affordable and clean energy.

Matthias Mack, Vice-President Stäubli Renewable Energy explains: “As a pioneer for safe and reliable solar power connections, we not only want to contribute to a safe photovoltaic industry but also to support a sustainable change aligned with our ESG strategy. This partnership with a unique organization as Sopowerful underlines our ESG commitment.”

Stefano Cruccu, Co-Founder and Director Sopowerful Foundation confirms: “We are very pleased to welcome Stäubli as a valuable partner to our journey and to benefit from its contribution, its top-quality PV components, and its longstanding experience in the solar industry to strengthen our projects and make a sustainable change with us.”

Sopowerul Co-Founder and Director Stefano Cruccu (middle) with Stäubli Renewable Energy VP Matthias Mack (2dn from the left), Oliver Haldi, Head of Marketing Stäubli Renewable Energy (1st on the left), Gerald Vogt, CEO Stäubli Group (2nd from the right), Franco Delvecchio, EP Stäubli Electrical Connectors (1st on the right)

Sopowerful project with solar power system on school rooftop in Sawiri, Lebanon.

Inauguration of PV system at secondary school in Dedza, Malawi.