Automotive Success story

HE robots excel where others fail

Customer benefits:

  • Efficient and reliable cleaning processes
  • Maximum availability under adverse conditions
  • Compliance with clearly defined residual contamination criteria
  • Short cycle times thanks to inline cleaning
Stäubli AG - Nissan19-parts-cleaning-robot-TX200he-tim-2x-59744-jpg-orig.jpg
When Stäubli first launched the six-axis HE, this paved the way for the use of robots in industrial parts cleaning.
Stäubli AG - parts-cleaning-plant-Nissan-tim-2x-59743-jpg-orig.jpg
View of the parts cleaning plant at Dongfeng Nissan in Huadu (Guangzhou)
Stäubli AG - conveyor-Nissan-tim-2x-59742-jpg-orig.jpg
The parts to be cleaned reach the stations on four lines via a roller conveyor from which they are hoisted up by the robot.