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TIEPRO warp tying machine

The new TIEPRO warp tying machine is designed for universal use with standard warp yarns in any weaving mill. It features a new type of yarn separation system without separating needles, which makes it especially economical. TIEPRO ties a wide range of warp sheets – with or without a 1:1 lease – automatically, efficiently, rapidly, and widely faultless.

Main benefits of automated warp tying with TIEPRO


  • Auto-Reverse function for less operator intervention
  • New yarn separation concept with spindles
  • Rapid tying – up to 600 knots per minute


  • Suitable for all types of standard yarns
  • Short knot ends with adjustable length
  • High tolerance regarding parallel alignment of two warp sheets (TPF tying frames)


  • Electronic double end detection for warp sheets with and without 1:1 lease
  • Perfectly tied warps
Yarn types
  • Yarn types – 100% staple fibre yarn, 100% cotton, cotton blends
  • Count range (tex) – 1x 500 … 1x 6,7

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