Carpet weaving


The ALPHA 500 XHDC is the ideal machine for weavers who want to enthrall their customers with carpets that boast high density, a perfect surface, and extraordinary designs. The machinery equipment supports weaving carpets showing reed densities up to 1,200 reed dents/m and a density per sqm of up to 3 million points.

Thanks to the option of creating specific weave structures, weavers can create machine woven carpets that seem to be hand knotted. The achieved quality of this appearance convinces even carpet experts.


  • Very high reed densities are possible (up to 1,200 reed/m)
  • Densities of up to 3 million points per m² can be woven
  • The carpets show very clear designs without mixed contours
  • Weavers can create extraordinary designs
  • The carpet surface becomes very clear and perfectly aligned
  • The exceptional  operational reliability supports a continued weaving process 

Main characteristics