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Our robots set the benchmark for all stages of production

Automation projects in the industrial production of cheese make high demands on robotics: direct contact with unwrapped food, the strictest hygiene criteria, harsh cleaning procedures – all factors that have to be managed by Stäubli robots whilst making no compromise on efficiency.

Production line of food solutions for dairy products
Slicing, Molding/Demolding, Rack loading/Rack unloading, Turning, Cutting/Spraying/Slicing, Tray loading, Boxing, Palletizing.
Success stories
Pick and glue

Pick and glue (Danone)

One key application for our TP80 FAST picker robots is sealing cups at very high speeds while requiring minimal footprint.

Ice cream filling
Ice cream filling (Big Drum)

Big Drum Engineering GmbH uses Stäubli TX90 HE robots to manufacture equipment for ice cream packing and filling operations. They are ideally suited for the hygiene processes in place at the company.