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Man Robot Collaboration

People drive change, robots accelerate the pace. As one of only a small number of robot manufacturers in the world, Stäubli has succeeded in equipping standard models for all levels of human-robot interaction. Our machines effortlessly cope with industrial applications ranging from fully automated to collaborative.

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«MRC and high productivity? Yes, with Stäubli TX2! The performers and collaborative experts for smarter production. »


Jean-Marc Collet | Division Marketing Manager Robotics


Man-Robot collaboration is stepping more and more into production – what strategies and solutions are Stäubli deploying in response to this trend, and to what extent does the new generation of TX2 robots point towards the future?

It was Stäubli who first coined the term “Redefining Performance”. In the meantime, your market competitors have picked up on the concept. What exactly do you at Stäubli mean by this strategy?

Collet: For Stäubli, Redefining Performance is all about the process covering the ongoing systematic development of all robot series. The objectives are to drive innovation, to meet or even exceed customer requirements and to set the technological benchmark. The daily redefinition of performance is aimed at ensuring that Stäubli customers can continue to rely on the best available robotic solutions for many years to come.

Let’s take a look at the current TX2 series. What specific product benefits has Redefining Performance brought