Food industry Success story

Making short work of crumbly products

Customer benefits
  • Cost-effective, highly productive solution
  • High reliability of the robots despite adverse operating conditions
  • Short cycle times, high output
  • Strict compliance with hygiene requirements
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Packaging of fish sticks

The standard pack of 15 breadcrumb-coated fish sticks is a classic in the frozen products range. In order to stay competitive within tight margins, seafood specialist TST opted for automation throughout with Stäubli industrial robots.

TST (The Seafood Traders) is committed to the volume production of fish products at the best possible price. A prerequisite for this is rapid processing, which is no longer conceivable in the food sector without automation. The value chain of the seafood specialist starts with sawing frozen blocks of raw fish and then continues through baking, coating with breadcrumbs and freezing, culminating in the packaging of the finished products.

One particular challenge is the packaging of fish sticks. Even in a frozen state, these natural products with their bread coating are crumbly to the touch and can push any automated system to its limits. For the realization of a robot-based packaging line, TST called on the services of