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Connectors for emergency power systems and generators

An uninterrupted power supply is paramount to many areas of public life, in a wide variety of production and service companies, and for safety-related functions. Power suppliers therefore deploy emergency power systems and provide mobile power generators. For the end customer, reliability, performance and high-power availability are most important, which is why the power supplier can seamlessly maintain the power supply even during planned maintenance measures. Ensuring the operation of water supply, telecommunication, IT, or navigation systems is mandatory. In the event of unexpected power outages, such as technical defects, lightning, or natural disasters, time is critical and a vital factor. Our unique MULTILAM contact technology is used in a specialized range of products. This ensures a high level of occupational safety and user-friendliness, but also the required high performance and reliability.




Safety and durability are important factors, especially in harsh environments. Our connectors for emergency power systems and generators are designed for these conditions. Our MULTILAM contact technology enables an exceptional high number of mating cycles, up to 5’000, with low contact resistance for a safe and reliable current transmission all along the connector time life. The unique bayonet locking ensures a quick and safe connection, when the selected high-qualitative materials give the expected robustness for a high product longevity, this in all weather conditions. The mechanical and color coding guarantee a safe and intuitive connection, even in the dark, and for inexperienced operators as well.

In comparison to the traditional cable lugs, our insulated connectors provide easy accessibility and plug-and-play connection, thus facilitating the power restoration operations and reducing the power outage time. Reusable AxiClamp cable termination allows easy replacement w/o any special tool, stock optimization, and thus maintenance costs reduction.

In case of a major power outage like e.g. flood, cyberattack, etc. several stakeholders beside the grid operators are involved. Short-time power restoration can be challenging if the employed connectors installed on the different systems are not compatible together. It is therefore for crucial essence to define and standardize a connection solution harmonized all over the territories. Featuring modern safety properties and the required durability in this field of application, Stäubli connectors are the convenient solution and have been standardized in many countries worldwide. 

Connection types for quick and safe power restoration

Electric Car

Backup power source

• Diesel generators • Hybrid generators • Fuel cell power generators • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)


Socket 16BL-CS

Bayonet locking quick connection plug with AxiClamp and crimp connection for CU cable class 5 and 6.


Power connection point

• Transformer substation • Mobile transformer • Feeder pillar • District distribution cabinet


FSA rapid connection systems

The FSA20K/16BL rapid connection system allows for a fast and safe connection of copper busbars in energy distribution systems.


Plug 16BL-MP/ET

Bayonet locking quick connection plug with surface mounting receptacle and a M16 threaded connection.


Plug 16BL-PP/ET

Bayonet locking quick connection plug for panel receptacles and a threaded M16 connection.

Products in the field

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Success Story

The Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic relies on easy to use Stäubli 16BL connectors to deal with emergency power supply and unexpected outages. 

MULTILAM Technology

Electrical contact systems in energy applications as well as our own products benefit from the unique performance of the MULTILAM Technology.

Renewable Energy

Stäubli offers a strong, trustworthy base for today’s challenges in renewable energy projects. With quality PV connector and services for eBOS (electrical Balance of Systems) applications in photovoltaic plants the projects become reliable and efficient. 

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