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Jacquard machine N4L for labeling on selvedges

The new generation of Name Jacquard machines, the N4L, provides true added value to premier fabrics by enabling the brand name to be woven into selvedges, hereby guarding against counterfeit.

The high-performance N4L Jacquard machine is particularly suitable for weaving custom labelling into selvedges and fabrics of designer garments woven with wool or cotton.

  • Robust, dust-proof, ergonomic design ensures stable and vibration-free machinery
  • Highly adaptable to weaving reed width
  • New Mini-Quick connector (patent pending) facilitates hooking and unhooking the harness cords
  • User-friendly TC8N controller with intuitive touch-screen and brand new mechatronics design enhances stability of signal transmission
  • Dramatically reduced maintenance and easy servicing



Field of application

Rapier, projectile, air jet weaving machines and shuttle looms

Fabric suitability

Labeling and logos on selvedges and on all flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical weaves

Principle of operation

Double-lift open-shed Jacquard machine, crank shed movement, parallel shed


Independent servomotor

Electronic control TC8N independent control unit synchronized with weaving machine
Available formats * 80 or 128 hooks
Modules MX

* Larger formats possible by combining several machines

Main features

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