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Multi-pole connection solutions

Connection device for automated charging QCC

With its innovative connector for high power charging systems QCC, Stäubli provides a universal solution for automatic charging of various kinds of electric vehicles (AGVs, buses, trucks, boats, etc.). The automated connection device (a so-called ACD) makes it possible to tranfer high levels of power, which ensures fast recharging of energy storage devices such as LiIon batteries and super capacitors. QCC offers high efficiency and low maintenane requirements. The amount of stored energy required is reduced due to quick recharging stopps, which enables the vehicle to better serve its purpose – transport of the weight of goods, not the weight of batteries.

Rapid charging solution for electric vehicles, with innovative guiding concept and self cleaning mechanism for smooth operation.

The Quick Charging Connection solution from Stäubli provides only 20 minutes charging time for every four to five hours of continuous operation while fast battery replacement systems are implemented for maintenance purposes, integrating Stäubli’s Multi Connect System.

Main advantages at a glance
  • Reliable and fully automated solution
    - Integrated angular and positioning misalignment compensation
    - No need for additional positioning sensors or adjustment parts
  • Increased cost efficiency
    - Reduced battery size and lower costs
    - Integrated self-cleaning mechanism guarantees reliable, low-maintenance operation and a long service life
    - Designed for high numbers of mating cycles
  • High level of safety
    - Completely touch-protected
    - Waterproof
    - Low contact resistance
  • Compact and versatile
    - Easy to retrofit
    - Installation does not require major construction
    - Small footprint
  • Easy to integrate

Automated Connection Device (ACD) which can be used in various applications thanks to high efficiency and safe, enclosed design. Water-ingress and touch protected in mated and unmated condition. Up to 1500 V and 670 A continuous, over 1000 A short term (several minutes).





Up to DC 1500 V


Up to 1440 A (670 A continuous)

Number of poles

2 Power contacts, PE, 5-6 signal contacts

Safety features

Touch protection IP2X
Water ingress protection IP55
Contact sequence

Standards Compliance

SAE J3105, SAE J3105/3