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Auxiliary processes

A lot of these auxiliary processes are still done manually in a major part of pharma factories. The new EU GMP annex 1 revision will push the demand of automation upgrades around filling lines, near isolator and RABs. This automation will reach its peak with integration of mobile solutions.

Main applications

  • Loading/Unloading of production lines
  • Container box handling
  • Loading/Unloading of freeze dryers
  • Loading/Unloading of autoclaves
  • Loading/Unloading of parts washers
  • Component feeding
  • Inspection processes
Auxiliary Pharma processes 3D line

Loading isolator of empty containers. TX2-160 Stericlean take the tray or Ajylux box and small TX2-40 push the product into the filling line

Example of Mobility upgrade with Mobile Robotics feeding filling line of cap

Unloading of filled container from isolator moving to secondary packaging, autoclaves or freeze dryer

Mobile Robotics moving filled tray of product to freeze dryer

❝ What can be automated, will be automated. ❞
Rudolf Michael Weiss | Global Head of Pharma Robotics

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