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AGV Platform Series

Stäubli designs and manufactures premium AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) solutions.​ Over the last 20 years, our AGV platforms series have delivered agile motion on the factory floor for manufacturing automation to customers worldwide.​

Our mission is to be the leading AGV partner for high payload applications.​

Our unique portfolio of compact AGV platform series delivers outstanding performance such as omni-directional motion, high positioning precision of 5 mm and robustness transporting the highest payload from 5 tons up to 500 tons. ​Synchronized by our software, the Stäubli AGV fleet performs in the most efficient way by providing insights for data-driven decision making.​

Main features and benefits

Patented drive unit

Smart & highly reliable technology:

Reducing downtime & TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
No extra costs to adapt the infrastructure

Up to 500 tons still with compact design:

Offering a wide payload range bringing flexibility
Addressing all market needs

± 5 mm positioning precision:

Reducing the needs for extra handling devices
Optimizing investment

Omnidirectional motion

High agility for more flexible intralogistics scenarios

Unique design based on high product modularity

Lift unit

Electric spindle, electric scissor or hydraulic cylinder lift unit 


Connection with other conveyors linking different production stations

Swap body

Moving containers on the company parking area  ensuring seamless material flow


Protecting the transported good when operating outdoor 

Safe motion

The state-of-the-art safety functions embedded in our AGV ensure the highest safety level when it comes to collaboration between human and our AGVs.


Fleet control software

Synchronized by our software, the AGV fleet performs in the most efficient way by delivering data insights to your advantage.

Connecting your factory floor and delivering data-driven insights. We move your business.

Technical specifications

AGV platform PF100 PF170 PF210 PF230 PF245 PF280 PF300
Max payload (tons) 6 10 30 20 40



W x L x H (m)


1x2.4 x0.35






2.40x4x0.70 2.64x4.30x0.65 3x10.50x0.97
Drive type



Max speed (m/s)


1,3 1,6 1,3
Laser navigation
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Main applications

«Stäubli AGV platforms are the perfect link to future-proof production and smart workflow.»
Jan Louwen I Global Head of AGV Robotics

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