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Our Cleanroom robotic solutions blend precision, speed and cleanliness

The electronics and semiconductor industries are particularly demanding when it comes to precision, speed and reduced particle emissions. To meet their robotics needs, Stäubli offers an ultra-high performance line of Cleanroom robotic arms for highly sensitive applications. Our robots can manipulate silicon wafers, FOUPs/cassettes, as well as photomask and panels in all the semiconductor production value chain with exceptional accuracy, high speed and smooth trajectories. 


The Stäubli Super Cleanroom (SCR) robots perfectly meet the challenges of photomask handlings for processes such as cleaning and inspection.

Front end - wafer fabrication

Stäubli offers the highest speed, flexibility and reliability when handling wafers (in piece or in batch) or FOUPs/cassettes for the complex front-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, such as polishing, etching, lithography, cleaning, etc.

Back end - assembly, packaging and testing

In the semiconductor back end processes, our SCR robots are appreciated by worldwide manufacturers in innovative processes such as wafer bonding and panel level packaging.

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