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CombiTac uniq connectors are used in intensive care units of field hospitals, where every connection is crucial

The technical equipment required for field hospitals is an essential component in civil protection. In the Czech Republic, this includes container workplaces engineered and managed by the specialized institute – VTÚ. The associated medical equipment for such field hospitals supplied by Flídr medical s.r.o. relies on Stäubli’s CombiTac connector system for these life-saving missions.

Reliabile connectors

The Czech company Flídr medical, established in 2014 as a sister company of the Flídr Group, focuses on the production and supply of medical devices for patient rooms, operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICUs), Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, and applications with similar requirements for transfer of gaseous and electrical connectivity.

Flídr medical pursues the objective to ensure the highest quality of products and services, with a specialty to equip workstations for field hospitals. For one of these new projects, Flídr was asked to optimize the existing solution with an innovative approach. They relied on the experience of designers and medical staff who had already tested the field hospital technology to choose the best solution.

According to the chief designer Mr. Polách, the previously implemented plug-in connection solution did not meet the expectations in terms of technical performance and customer support. Innovative development ideas and advice regarding the most suitable configuration was missing. After careful consideration of all the requirements, Mr. Polách decided to use CombiTac connector system due to its high performance and reliability.

”The communication and technical support, which is very important for me, was a key advantage of Stäubli. A big plus is the delivery of virtual 3D models that can be easily created in the CombiTac configurator and effortlessly integrated into the design software. In addition, the CombiTac connectors are already assembled and ready for immediate use, which saves even more time,” says Mr. Polách about the cooperation with Stäubli.

Easily and safely

The CombiTac connectors are now being used by Flídr medical in containers for the intensive care unit and operating room. These containers are based on an advanced construction model, as they are collapsible on both sides and the layout enlarges the container to almost three times the original area. This increase in size is the reason for the use of modular all-in-one connectors, as it allows the sliding part of the container to be easily and safely connected to electricity and medical gases. The Stäubli CombiTac connector system ensures that this connection is fast, reliable, meets all the requirements and easily installable without the need of an electrical specialist. 


  • Delivery of completely assembled connector, including cable assembly
  • Quality proved over years for dependable, long-term operation even under the most demanding environment
  • Patented MULTILAM contact technology ensuring minimal transition resistance
  • Up to 100,000 mating cycles
  • Intuitive usage of the 3D configurator
  • 100% customizable modular system
  • Modules for power, signal, pneumatic, liquids, data and more
  • Unique configuration number ensures easy ordering and re-ordering
  • Technical support in more than 100 countries around the world


Medical devices for patient rooms, operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICUs), Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, and applications with similar requirements for transfer of gaseous and electrical connectivity.