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Stäubli robots are up to any productivity challenge

In drug production, maximum output is essential. Whether handling and packaging of IV bags, syringes and vials, aseptic dispensing or loading and unloading of insulators, Stäubli robots score particularly well in terms of ultra-short cycle times.


Success stories - Applications

Filling and closing syringes with a TX60 Cleanroom
Filling and closing syringes (Bausch Switzerland S.A.)

Bausch Switzerland S.A. has developed an exclusive and innovative solution for filling and closing syringes that incorporates Stäubli TX60 Cleanroom robot to put out a whopping 4,000 syringes per hour.

Aseptic drug manufacturing with TX60 Stericlean robots
Aseptic drug manufacturing

Drug makers must abide by the highest safety standards. With the TX Stericlean series, Stäubli has developed the first robot worldwide able to operate in aseptic production areas (Advanced Aseptic Processing).

Automatic packaging of IV bags with a TX200 (Bayer)
Automatic packaging of IV bags (Bayer Shering Pharma)

Bayer Shering Pharma uses two robotic arms from Stäubli to automatically fill and package its IV bags. The RX160 and TX200 robots provide continuous production in a cleanroom environment.

Drug inspection with a TX40
Drug inspection

A new testing technology has ushered in a new chapter in the inspection of pharmaceutical products. The innovative robotic cell uses a Stäubli TX40 compact robotic arm to facilitate automatic inspection of small batches.

Filling infusion bags with a TX40
Filling infusion bags (Kiefel)

Manufacturing and filling infusion bags requires unlimited flexibility, maximum output and cleanroom compliance. Thanks to the speed and precision of the Stäubli TX60 6-axis robot, Kiefel can produce 7,200 bags per hour.

High-volume production of single cell cultures with a TX60 Cleanroom
High-volume production of single cell cultures (TAP Biosystems)

The fully automated process takes cell culture processing from the lab to the mass production line. The key is the Stäubli TX60 Cleanroom robot which is equipped to handle large production volumes and ensure consistency batch after batch.

Filling and closing for small batches with TX40 Stericlean robots
Filling and closing for small batches (Bausch & Ströbel)

Thanks to the Stäubli Stericlean robots that convey vials to individual workstations, small-batch filling and closing operations are a lot more efficient with over 1,000 containers processed per hour. 

Mixing granules in a cleanroom with a TX90
Mixing granules in a cleanroom

The Stäubli TX90L robotic arm at the heart of an autonomous production cell operates the processing units (dosing, stamping, and pressing), handles containers and mixes granules to ensure quality and reduce cycle times.

Stäubli AG - handling-of-syringes-ciseo-staubli-f-pim-2x-45206-jpg-orig.jpg
Fully automated inspection and filling of syringes

The Belgian company Ciseo S.A. has planned a fully automated system for handling syringes. Strictly speaking, it consists of two systems: one individually handles 600 syringes per minute and feeds them to the testing station, the other groups the tested syringes with high precision into 100 or 160 trays.