FAST picker TP80 HE robot

The FAST picker TP80 HE is the world's fastest picker, fully designed for hygienic processing and packaging, entirely based on EHEDG recommendations. Its unique design makes this robot completely airtight to work in humid environment. 

High Performance
Up to 200 picks per minute with a consistent repeatability of ± 0.05 mm across the entire work envelope of 1 600 mm diameter.

Hygienic and washable design
Compatible with lots of cleaning and decontamination solutions. Fully enclosed and pressurized structure designed for highest hygienic requirements.

Below TP80HE
No micro organism penetration

Fully enclosed and pressurized structure.

Stäubli AG - FAST-picker-TP80-HE-4-axis-robotic-arm-connections-view-pim-2x-35905-jpg-orig.jpg
High connectivity for sensitive environment
  • Designed to protect all connections. 
  • Fully integrated internal cabling and tubing.
Stäubli AG - FAST-picker-TP80-HE-4-axis-robotic-sphere-view-pim-2x-35911-jpg-orig.jpg
Optimal work area
  • Most efficient work envelope in fast pickers category. 
  • Up to 200 mm vertical stroke.
Stäubli AG - sensitive-environments-TP80HE-picker-robotic-arm-attachment-pim-2x-41869-jpg-orig.jpg
Attachment for smart integration
  • Rear attachment without visible threads on the product side. 
  • No supporting gantry-framework above the products.
  • Saves a lot of space on multi-robot lines compared to delta robots.
  • Reduction of retention zones above products.
TP80 HE rounded surface
Hygienic design
  • Smooth rounded and tilted surfaces. 
  • Optimized liquid run-off.
  • Food compliant full head stainless screws. 
  • Coating with surface roughness < 0.8 μm.

Adapted to high production volume

  • World's fastest picker
  • Perfectly suited to work in primary and secondary handling applications
  • Optional VALtrack software for single and multiple robots on conveyor(s) including queuing functionalities
  • Compatible with all kinds of vision and sensor systems
  • Reliable and safe handling of sensitive products

Easy and efficient robot integration

  • Easy to exchange
  • Easy accessibility
  • Low integration costs

Compatible with most cleaning, decontamination and sanitization solutions

  • Robot resistant to pH 4,5 – 8,5 environment

Fastest picker with optimal work area

  • 1600 mm work envelope
  • Up to 200 picks per minute (ppm)
  • Consistent repeatability ± 0.05 mm across the entire work envelope
  • No limitation of camera view due to unique kinematic

Reduced cleaning costs

  • Foaming and rinsing identical to the rest of the line

Online traceability in smart production lines

Designed with no compromise in performance

  • Tool and critical parts made of stainless steel
  • Consistent high performance with H1 food oil, NSF compliant
  • Bellows


  • CE, KCS

technical specifications


FAST picker TP80 HE

Degrees of freedom


Maximum load capacity

1 kg

Nominal load capacity

0.5 kg


800 mm


±0.05 mm


100 mm or 200 mm (option)

Protection class according to standard NF EN 60529


Attachment methods


Stäubli CS8 series controller