Weaving preparation

BEAMPRO reading-in machine

Main application
  • Fancy shirting fabrics of 100% cotton or cotton blends
  • Maximum warp width 220 cm and up to 30 warp sheets
  • Yarn range Ne 12-80; Nm 20-135

In the multicolour weaving mill, if warps are produced by combining various coloured warp beams, they are typically assembled directly on the sizing machine.

In this case, BEAMPRO reading-in machine ensures exact yarn order, precise colour repeat, and homogeneous structure of the warp, which are prerequisites for achieving the highest weaving quality.

Key benefits of the BEAMPRO reading-in machine

  • Automation of the reading-in process at the comb instead of labour-intensive manual sorting of yarns
  • Precise yarn order in the comb and in the warp and fewer crossed yarns
  • Better operating behaviour of the warp in the weaving machine and fewer broken warp yarns
  • Perfect execution of the colour repeat, with no need for monitoring by operating personnel
  • Drastic reduction of idle time of the sizing machine
  • Reduction of personnel to a single machine operator