Metal industry Laser cutting

A specialized laser-cutting robot


Stäubli's range of 6-axis laser-cutting robots offer the perfect combination of precise trajectory control, extensive reach, high speed and compact size. These robots have an enclosed structure and can be top mounted to facilitate cutting and parts handling. This increased flexibility improves productivity at an extremely competitive price.

Success stories
Stäubli RX160 robot
Laser cutting of B-pillars (Hyundai)

Experts disagree on the best way to cut body panels. Many are content with a standard laser setup, but others progressed to the next level of working with robotic systems. At Hyundai, they have had only good experiences with laser cutting robots.

Laser cutting with a RX160
Laser cutting for buses (Yutong)

Chinese bus manufacturer Yutong Bus produces more than 340 units a day. For its laser cutting operations, Yutong uses Stäubli RX160L robots. This top-mounted 6-axis robot delivers efficiency, speed and precision.