6 axis robots RX160

RX160 industrial robot

The RX160 6-axis robot is an articulated arm with 6 axes for increased flexibility. The spherical work envelope allows maximum utilization of cell workspace. It can also be mounted on the floor or ceiling. The fully enclosed structure (IP65) makes the robotic arm ideal for applications in harsh environments.

The RX160 range has a payload of up to 34 kg and a maximum reach of 2010 mm.

RX160 Features
RX160 HD connections
Eliminating complex cable management

All cables and tubes run directly through the forearm, eliminating obstacles in the work area and ensuring the robotic arm has complete freedom of movement.

RX160L work envelope
Optimum use of the work area

The compact size of Stäubli robots together with their large work envelope makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

RX160 vertical outlet
Work in difficult environments

To meet the needs of all markets, our robots come with an optional vertical cable outlet. It is located underneath the base for optimal protection of connections in sensitive environments.

Stäubli gearbox JCS
High precision, long life and reduced maintenance

Stäubli is the only robotics manufacturer to make its own reduction gear systems, specifically designed to cut down on maintenance and extend the life of the robot.

Attachment methods (RX160)
Flexible integration on the production line

For greater flexibility, Stäubli robots have multiple mounting configurations (floor or ceiling) to make it easier to integrate the robot into the production chain.

Optimum cleanliness, arm motion freedom and production reliability

  • All cables and pipes routed through the arm removing obstacles from the work area
  • Enclosed structure

Precise trajectory performance

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs

Texture and color customization

  • Choice of arm finish


  • UL, CE, KCS
Sensitive environments versions

Hygienic - Humid

RX160 HE 6 axis robot for sensitive environments

Designed for hygienic and humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

RX160 HE robot


RX160 cleanroom 6 axis robot for sensitive environments

Our Cleanroom series of robots have been developed specifically for use in semiconductor, biotechnology, medical and other industries.

RX160 CR robot


RX160 stericlean 6 axis robot for sensitive environments

Our Stericlean robots, fully H₂O₂ resistant, meet the strictest requirements for use in pharmaceutical applications.

RX160 Stericlean robot


RX160 Electrostatic Discharge 6 axis robot. ESD compliant

Our ESD-compatible robots are designed for electronic assembly, testing and packaging operations.

RX160 ESD robot






Degrees of freedom




Nominal load capacity

20 kg

20 kg

14 kg

Maximum load capacity*

34 kg

34 kg

28 kg


1710 mm

1710 mm

2010 mm


±0.05 mm

±0.05 mm

±0.05 mm

Protection class (*wrist)

IP65 (*IP67)

IP65 (*IP67)

IP65 (*IP67)

Attachment methods

Floor or ceiling

Floor or ceiling

Floor or ceiling

Stäubli CS8 series controller




* With specific configuration. Contact us for details.

** Reinforced wrist version.