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QMC123: Essential & Premium line - 2 solutions fitting distinctive needs

The QMC123 magnetic clamping systems, next generation offers many advantages during quick mold change operations: total security, high efficiency, and optimized profitability. Active safety, interactivity with the operator, and exact measurement of the clamping force are innovative functions made possible by the IMAG technology developed by Stäubli. Thanks to design and many inspections carried out during clamping operations and production, these Stäubli solutions significantly help increase productivity.


    • Plastics industry – mold clamping on injection presses and plastics machinery (50 to +4000 t)
    • Designed to speed-up the productivity & reinforce the safety of those who have to change molds frequetly

    The QMC123 magnetic clamping systems ranges

    QMC 123 Premium

    • Safest magnetic clamping on the market
    • Versatile: compliant with high diversity of molds
    • 4.0 industry
    • HMI options:
      -Ergonomic & intuitive hand pendant
      -Fully integrated into machine HMI

    QMC 123 Essential

    • Safety level adapted to repetitive operations with low diversity within the molds in terms of size & weight*
    • Simple operations - push button

    *All reference pots must be covered

    Key benefits

    Technical characteristics

    Technical characteristicsConstructionSafety functions
    • Plate thickness: 46mm
    • Maximum operating temperature: up to 120°C (248°F)
    • Power supply voltage (V): 380 to 480 (220 on request)
    • Frequency (Hz): 50 or 60
    • Euromap compliancy: EU70.0, EU70.1, EU70.1 + RS485/CAN BUS
    • Plate: Low carbon steel; durable & waterproof (IP65)
    • Magnetic module: AlNiCo and NdFeB magnets and copper winding

    By integrating the many features enabling anticipation of malfunctions, the QMC solution creates a reduction in machine downtime.

    • The interactive control panel enables the validation of the safety points during mold changing operations.
    • Mold movement anticipation function greatly helps to avoid mold fall
    • Thanks to IMAG technology, the system accurately controls. The operator is alerted if it is damaged or insufficient with regard to the force exerted on the mold.
    • The IMAG-Editor software enables the clamping force for each mold to be calculated beforehand, depending on the press on which it will be used. With this information any problems can be anticipated ahead of production.

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