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Success story

Working together to create injection molding solutions

How a QMC supplier relationship developed into a decades long partnership

The challenge

In 1984, Milacron established their Auxiliary Equipment Business Group with the commitment to provide turnkey solutions for the plastics industry. As time progressed, the auxiliary business continued to grow – as did the need for flexible, quick, and efficient solutions to optimize their customers’ injection mold operations. Milacron’s goal was to find a quick mold change supplier willing to work with their engineering team and design mold clamping systems to accompany their existing platen layouts. They wanted a supplier with a range of high quality, well-made products, that were safe and also came with support when needed. With that, they formed a panel of personnel to assess a variety of suppliers and the search began.

The solution

After six months of presentations and deliberations, Stäubli stood out as the ideal partner with a strong alignment of goals relating to quality and safety. Milacron and Stäubli began a contractual relationship in the early 1990s using the two quick-clamping technologies available at the time: Stäubli’s hydraulic single-acting clamping system and the mechanical bayonet clamping system. Since then, Stäubli’s QMC product portfolio has grown to meet the needs of a constantly changing industry. Stäubli’s magnetic mold clamping system was introduced in 2001, and now after years of success equates to approximately 80% of all clamping systems sold by Milacron today. The development of Stäubli’s connecting and mold loading solutions continues today.

Milacron has found value outside of just Stäubli’s product offering. Stäubli also provides local technical, engineering, and service support, critical components in keeping customers serviced and minimizing downtime. When new quick-mold-change solutions are introduced, Stäubli provides Milacron with extensive training to make sure that the two partners work seamlessly together.

The result

After 30 years, Milacron’s partnership with Stäubli is still going strong. The close collaboration has enabled the two partners to provide a fully integrated magnetic clamping and injection molding machine interface. Stäubli has served as a partner in innovation by providing solutions to new ideas or applications. They work alongside Milacron's design team to create cutting-edge technology. The possibility of providing better solutions to the industry by developing products that meet the customer’s needs is a priority for both Milacron and Stäubli as they work together to advance plastics manufacturing.

As the plastics industry continues to grow within North America, the demand for efficient processes and higher output will continue to rise. Milacron is dedicated to remaining a global leader in providing solutions for these needs. As an all-encompassing solution provider, Milacron relies on Stäubli to be an effective partner in providing excellence through products and service to their customers around the globe.


Injection Molding


Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic technology and processing industry.

“I feel like my customers are safe when we supply Stäubli’s product on their molding machines.” 

Ron Gulbranson, Milacron Technical Product Manager

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