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Mold maintenance stations

Multifunctional and safe: The mold maintenance stations MMS ensure efficient mold maintenance while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. The customer-specific service stations provide optimal conditions for predictive maintenance: many functions and components of the molds can be tested under real operating conditions.


Cutting, turning and closing mold and mold halves outside the machine allows:

  • Maintenance, repair and preservation of injection molds
  • Cleaning, reworking or replacement of cavities
  • Functional check of the core pullers and of the ejector system(s)
  • Testing and cleaning the temperature control circuits
  • Heating of individual / all circuits - thermal equilibrium control
  • Maintenance and test of hot channel and hot channel nozzles
  • Maximize the safety of your employees
  • Significant increase in IMM OEE
Technical specifications Options
  • Mold weight up to 130 t
  • Dimensioning of closing and opening forces according to customer specifications
  • Mold dimensions and installation height tailored to customer specifications
  • Perfect ergonomic working height
  • For optimal working conditions the clamping plate on the nozzle side is surrounded by an access platform
  • Both clamping plates can be moved axially
  • The nozzle side of the clamping plate can be swiveled by 90 °
  • Protection of the system by light curtain for maximum accessibility from all sides
  • Wired, user-friendly mobile panel
  • Loading of the system with the existing in-door crane
  • Euromap, SPI, JIS or customer specific drill pattern with cutouts to facilitate mold maintenance in the clamping plates
  • Mechanical, hydraulic or magnetic clamping system
  • Media transmission with mono-couplings or multi-couplings (manual or automatic)
  • Ejector unit with automatic ejector coupling
  • Horizontal loading with mold changing table or mold changing trolley
  • Clamping plate on the ejector side
  • Operation via wireless mobile panel
  • Protected by a protective fence
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