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Safe and fast connections in pharmaceutical production

Production facilities in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries need to provide a high degree of flexibility and ensure safe operation. They should meet the highest quality standards and protect the product – and more importantly, production line workers. In this industry, Switzerland-based Rubitec AG specializes in developing and building sophisticated custom-designed containment systems for filling and emptying stations and relies on the high-quality CombiTac modular connection system from Stäubli.


Filling and emptying stations are found in all chemical and pharmaceutical production facilities where bulk materials are stored in and dispensed from big bags or drums.

Specialized and customer-focused 

Over 25 years ago, a family company from Switzerland called Rubitec AG began specializing in the development, design, and manufacture of custom products for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The core of its product portfolio is the patented, one-of-a-kind SmartDock system for filling and emptying big bags and drums. The system is used around the world by leading major chemical and pharma manufacturers and allows for docking and undocking times of just three minutes with a single operator. The Rubitec system has no exposed single-use parts and is very robust and low-maintenance. Wear parts have no contact with the product, and the system is also compatible with aluminum-coated liners. Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, ease of operation, and regulatory compliance, the SmartDock is the market leader in this type of application.

Modular and flexible

Production facilities in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries use a modular design and require a high degree of versatility. The same is true for the system components, which must be fast, safe and simple to work with. A single operator can quickly re-equip their machine and safely get it ready in just a few minutes for the next filling or emptying task. The connection between the SmartDock and the control unit uses pluggable connectors and carries both compressed air and power.

Efficient handling

Different docking heads like endless liner systems and big bag/drum docking systems (SmartDock) in various sizes can be swapped in and out in just a few simple steps. To achieve this level of flexibility, Rubitec uses the CombiTac uniq modular connector system. In the setup used at Rubitec AG, the connector system combines power and pneumatic contacts in a robust grommet/surface-mount housing with a combination of IP65 and IP67 ingress protection, made from aluminum and with a clamp to keep the connection locked. This system ensures a quick, easy and safe connection between Rubitec’s SmartDock system and the control unit.

Reliably consistent performance

The high contact quality and minimal losses provided by the unique MULTILAM technology in the power contacts guarantees over 100,000 mating cycles to ensure long-lasting and uninterrupted operation of the filling or emptying system. The leak-free coupling in the pneumatic contacts ensures a tight, secure connection. Rubitec AG has been fan of the robustness and reliability of the CombiTac uniq modular connector system for many years, making this product an established component of the coupling design in their systems.

Reliability, durability, flexibility, and safety are key properties of equipment used in chemical and pharmaceutical production. The same goes for the modules and connector technology used in that equipment.


“We appreciate Stäubli’s customer oriented approach, just like the approach we use with our customers,” says Jonas Rubitschung, CEO of Rubitec AG. “The CombiTac uniq system from Stäubli is an exceptionally reliable and compact coupling system that offers fast, safe, and simple handling for our customers. And our lead engineer has been using the intuitive online CombiTac Configurator for years to quickly and easily set up the connector configurations we need in just a few clicks.”

Jonas Rubitschung, CEO of Rubitec AG


Market: Pharma/Chemistry
Product solution: CombiTac uniq Application: Emptying and filling drums and big bags in production systems 

Containment docking


  • reliable
  • robust
  • leak-free pneumatic contacts
  • modular and unrestricted configuration options


  • Swap containments out quickly and safely in customer production systems
  • Safe, reliable connection for both power contacts and compressed air

The CombiTac in Rubitec’s SmartDock combines pneumatic and power contacts

Containment system in a pharmaceutical/chemical production facility

The different connection types are bundled together in the CombiTac system