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Multi-pole connection solutions

PerforMore: Connector for the electric drive train

PerforMore features a compact design while maintaining all the clearances and creepage distances required for high operating voltages. This offers a clear advantage, allowing more efficient use of the installation space available in vehicles. The two-pole connector fits perfectly into various DC power interfaces inside the vehicle such as for high power charging HPC. The connection is quick and easy to make, the disconnection is safe and user-friendly thanks to the two-stage unlocking system.

Electric and hybrid drives place demanding requirements on the safety, reliability and performance of connectors. Stäubli has developed the PerforMore connector with regard to the requirements for high-voltage connections and connectors in vehicles defined in LV 215.

High current carrying-capacity with compact dimensions

  • Proven MULTILAM contact technology
  • Compact 10 mm contact design with optimized performance characteristics
  • Lowest contact resistance
  • Long-term dependable contact system
  • Space-saving due to low installation height

Robustness, safety and reliability

  • IP67 and IP69 according to IEC 60529 in mated condition
  • IP2X in unmated condition
  • Resistance to vibrations and high operating temperatures

HVIL with two-stage unlocking system

  • Time interval between disconnection of HVIL and power contacts ensures:
    - The high-voltage interlock loop (HVIL) is interrupted at the first step of the interlocking procedure
    - The live contacts are disconnected only at the second step of the interlocking procedure
  • Protection against accidental disconnection and arc flashes

High-quality EMC shielding

  • High number of contact points ensures high shielding
  • 360° shielding: even distribution of shield contacts around the power contact

Usable at various DC interfaces with high technical requirements:

  • Inverter/Converter
  • Battery
  • Charger



Rated current

Up to 400 A

Rated Voltage

DC 1000 V

Conductor cross-section

50-95 mm2

Test voltage

AC 4260 V, 1 min/50 Hz