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Robots boosting the global deployment of clean solar energy


Complete robotic solutions dedicated to the latest PV cell and module manufacturing

A clean and sustainable energy supply is one of the great challenges of this century. Photovoltaics is therefore the major growth markets now and in the future. Stäubli Robotics has been a key player of this forward-looking industry since the beginning of industrial solar cell and module production. For decades, in close cooperation with our PV partners, we have been developing automation solutions for all process steps such as PECVD for cell manufacturing and stringer for module manufacturing.

The current development of new solar cell and module technologies requires the updates of production equipment and automation solutions. Together with our global PV partners, we have taken the challenge to provide the most advanced solutions for the new techs, either the N-type (HJT/TOPCon) or Perovskite/Tandem solar cells or the high-density modules.

« Photovoltaics plays a key role in a sustainable energy supply. Stäubli robots make the production of PV cells and modules safer, more efficient and more economical. »
Zhenhui Zhang | Business Unit Manager Stäubli Hangzhou Mechatronic CO,

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