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Reliability Is Key

Powerful connections for the electrification of sustainable means of transport

E-mobility is known for providing numerous benefits in terms of performance and environmental protection. Reliability expectations are high with no tolerance for disruptions. That leads to the need for mechanical and electrical parts to be of the right quality while being cost competitive without any trade-off in performance. To address this challenge, we design reliable, powerful and compact connectors that are very easy to use and fit perfectly to your individual needs. Miniaturizing our components while increasing power transmission performance is one of our missions.

Vehicle electrification means increasing electrical content and complexity combined with shorter development cycles. This requires development teams continuously to improve their development methods for mechatronic integration. With our expertise and knowledge, we stand with you as a competent partner for even the most exceptional applications. 

For all kinds of batteries, be it stationary, inside the vehicle, for battery swapping or even on a test bench, we offer and develop adapted solutions. Our CombiTac modular connector supports a wide and diverse range of connection solutions to suit any specification, making battery testing and replacement easier, faster and more cost-effective while being fully customizable. PerforMore is ready for the next generation of electric vehicles, offering high performance and outstanding technical specification in a compact and appealing shell. If you haven’t yet found the right connector for your individual needs, contact us to find out what we can develop specifically for you.

While connectors inside the electrical drivetrain such as PerforMore need to be very resistant against all forms of vibrations, they share the need for longevity with connectors designed for testing applications. However, these need to be able to deliver a high number of mating cycles, as it is important for longevity to allow customers efficient testing procedures and reduce downtime. The unique MULTILAM technology can offer both, high resistance to vibrations as well as high mating cycles, and all this in combination with the lowest contact resistance for high currents in a small package.

CombiTac modular connectors adopt this MULTILAM technology and can achieve up to 100,000 mating cycles, rated currents of more than 300A, as well as high voltages up to 5KV. The modular design can integrate multiple connection types at the same time, such as current, signal, high voltage, data, coaxial, thermocouple, optical fiber, gas and liquid, etc. The use of CombiTac on automated test benches allows for electric components to be tested automatically, thereby improving test efficiency, reducing safety risks, and saving labor costs. At the same time, the connectors have a compact structure, reducing the physical space of test station and test line.

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Stake of Proof

AKASOL, E-mobility: Reliable connectors for high-performance battery systems in e-mobility

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