Robot software Stäubli Robotics Suite

A powerful PC environment for today's smart production

Stäubli Robotics Suite is a broad PC software environment which simplifies managing your robot system. Starting from conception and simulation over setup to production, it also enables easily a permanent improvement of your robot applications. It guides you clearly through the process of simulating, developing and debugging your robot programs all the way to the final validation and transfer of any system data. Due to its versatility of applications it is the ideal smart production tool offering multi-screen support running on windows operating system.


Providing a quick overview of the robot feasibilities

Stäubli AG - srs-conception.png

Stäubli Robotics Suite is enabling anybody to evaluate automation concepts easily in a 3D environment, even without robot programming experience. The new powerful 3D engine is offering more user-friendly operation and realistic rendering. Quick and easy concept validation is ensured due to the following Stäubli Robotics Suite capabilities:

  • Robot and robot options import from Stäubli Robot Library
  • Robot options always changeable on the fly through robot properties [NEW]
  • Snap function for easier robot positioning inside your virtual cell [NEW]
  • Easy static robot replacement by simulated robot with Snap replace [NEW]
  • Easy reachability and accessibility check (green = reachable / red = out of reach)
  • Working envelope and cell volume validation
  • 3D drag and drop import for faster individual cell and gripper concepts
  • Embedded component library for easy reuse of standard or custom 3D elements [NEW]
STAGE II Simulation

Comfortable visualization and validation of your cell concept

Stäubli AG - srs-simulation.png

During the stage of simulation Stäubli Robotics Suite allows even more realizing functionalities. Based on your concept evaluation, Stäubli Robotics Suite enables a simple completion with detailed robot, cell, tool and part simulation features:

  • Snap function for easy component positioning [NEW]
  • Snap function for easy robot and tool positioning [NEW]
  • Integrated screen movie capturing [NEW]
  • Arm configuration lock, cartesian and joint positioning for more efficient manual jogging in 3D environment
  • Visualization of required joint range for evaluation of effective joint range limitation
  • Implemented collision detection with any 3D object
  • Usage of Stäubli emulator offering realistic system behavior
  • VAL 3 code basics for setup phase
  • Multi-robot support for individual application simulation
  • Control pad managing the simulation startup behavior(s) (multi robot support) [NEW]
  • Full realistic motion control and cycle time like on a real Stäubli system
  • Prearrangement of I/O mapping with physical I/O editor

Entire realization of individual customer needs

Stäubli AG - srs-setup.png

Stäubli Robotics Suite is your key to fully manage any Stäubli robot system and giving access to all the powerful controller functionalities of Stäubli Robotics Controls including safety. An easy-going implementation is guaranteed by various functionalities:

  • Integrated VAL 3 development environment with auto-completion, collapse and expand function of code, automated code inspection, call tree visualization and many more
  • Wide range of online debugging functionalities
  • Smart syntax check (categorized and directly linked to the issue)
  • Safety configuration from industrial up to collaborative applications
  • Management and transfer of "Safety configuration" with robot controller [NEW]
  • Data transfer management of any data between Stäubli Robotics Suite and the related robot controller (Stäubli Robotics Controls)
  • Data exchange even with USB stick
  • Graphical user interfaces on any WEB based device (including SP2) due to embedded CS9 WEB server technology
  • One centralized software tool for configuration of all fieldbus I/Os
STAGE IV Prodution

Keeping your production connected and efficient

Stäubli AG - srs-production.png

Even after setting up your production process, Stäubli Robotics Suite stays by your side in order to secure your engineering investment. Stäubli Robotics Suite helps you manage your valuable process and keeps control of your constantly generated data thanks to the following capabilities:

  • Robot and robot options import from Stäubli Robot LibrarySmart log viewer: chronological, clustered (user or system), categorized (urgency) and integrated on-the-fly language switch
  • Embedded backup functionality securing your know-how
  • Recording visualization to ensure process sustainability
  • Simulated recording via emulator and record player in a 3D environment
  • Remote connection via embedded CS9 web server technology
STAGE V Improvment

OEE* increase through smart robot optimization possibilities

Stäubli AG - srs-improvment.png

Stäubli Robotics Suite supports you with increasing your *Overall Equipment Efficiency for existing production lines and further concepts or digital twins. Stäubli Robotics Suite enables you to improve your current and future robot processes by the optimization of:

  • robot motion
  • cycle time
  • robot stress
  • robot lifetime through record player and colored load visualization.
  • Colorization of recording based on stress level of the robot (colors generated by Optimize Lab software solution)
  • Optimizing the robot position depending on locations to be reached [NEW]
  • 3D remote connection to a real application environment for faster and more efficient troubleshooting on distant or difficult to access systems

Stäubli Robotics Suite adds value for any usage or engineering stage

Depending on your needs you can purchase additional licenses to get access to the variety of functions of Stäubli Robotics Suite. The free trial allows you to examine all functions with only less limitations.

Maintenance Studio license

This license activates all the functionalities required to connect and maintain remotely a real robot cell (remote access to the manual control pendant, loading a 3D robot cell to visualize the real robots trajectories, etc.). You must have the Development Studio license to purchase the Maintenance Studio license.

Development Studio license

This license activates the necessary functionalities to perform realistic simulations (3D layout development, collision detection, parts handling, realistic cycle time estimation, application development, etc.).

Demo mode*

The Demo mode enables to use most functions of Stäubli Robotics Suite but not save the project or import 3D object.

All licenses are available as Local or Network USB dongles. For further development and analysis, an additional Stäubli product is available: Optimize Lab for robot performance and load analysis In addition to Stäubli Robotics Suite, please keep our Brake Distance Calculator (BDC) in mind to validate your robot stopping performance during the phase of risk assessment (phase 2).


Demo mode*

Development studio

Maintenance studio

Save Stäubli Robotics Suite project

3D-file import

Robot (options) library

Reachability and accessibility check

Payload and inertia evaluation

Improved jog interface (arm config. Switch and lock, …)

Creation of 3D objects

Simulation of motion, cycle time and system behavior

OPC UA on CS9 emulators (and CS8C, SRC ≥ 7.11)

Safety configuration (3D visualization of safety zones,..)

Visualization of safety configuration

Collision detection

Multi-robot support (interaction)

Designer for customized graphical user page (CS9)

Integrated VAL 3 development environment

Syntax check

Find Code Issues

Configuration of all fieldbus I/Os

Online debugging

Display variable values through mouse over

Watch function also for single array elements, calculations and boolean expressions

Smart log viewer

Recording visualization

Embedded backup functionality

Remote access

Show colored visualization of Optimize Lab robot stress result

Record player in 3D environment