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A key-link to ensure operator and environment protection 

Connection solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries

Stäubli offers a range of connection systems for the chemical and petrochemical industries, including standard and specialized quick dry disconnect couplings, designed for safety and performance in sampling, filling / draining of containers, connection / disconnection of utility taps, calibrating and testing, distribution of pure gases, inerting and compressed-air applications.


Where are our solutions? 

Utilities / Technical area

Safe quick-release couplings for utility gases and fluids, quick-release couplings for equipment pressure testing prior to production, high-quality compressed air supply to workstations, machines and tools

Analysis / Quality control laboratories

Safe, identifiable quick-release couplings for gas and liquid supply systems for laboratory benches and equipments.

Process / Manufacture

Non-spill quick-release couplings for transferring liquids and inerting lines, tanks and drums, connectors for product sampling and quality control, connection solutions for compressed air networks and breathing air applications.

Draining / Storage

Non-spill quick-release coupling solutions for filling and draining, safe connectors for inerting lines, tanks and drums and sampling, complete connection solutions and filter units to supply PPE with breathing air in confined areas.

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