MULTILAM Products and Technology

ElectroMate offers benefits in busbar installations


  • High-current transmission in indoor installations
  • Low, medium and high voltage installations
  • Permanent connection of busbars
  • Positioning of equipment parts e.g. pantograph isolator
  • Static and dynamic connections

ElectroMate is a flat contact element used for high-current transmission with busbars in indoor installations. Four MULTILAM integrated in a round disc guarantee the best possible contact with minimal contact resistance. The ElectroMate is mounted between busbars which are bolted together. It serves as a dynamic rotary contact for the positioning of equipment parts. ElectroMate can be used in straight, angled and “T” bolted busbar systems as static contact.


  • Constant and reliably low contact resistance
  • Rotating capabilities
  • Energy-saving

Key features

  • Easy assembly
  • Low contact resistance
  • High resistance against vibrations


  • 4 MULTILAM torsio, each 3 louvers fixed in a silver-plated brass disc

Technical Specifications



Dimension outer/inner

38.5 / 12.5 mm

Rated current dynamic

250 A

Rated current static

600 A

Short circuit current dynamic (1s)

5 000 A

Short circuit current static (1s)

10 000 A

Max. operating temperature

150 °C