Robotic tool changers

Robotic tool changer MPS 630


  • Punch riveting
  • Gripping/handling
  • Resistance spot welding
  • Clinching
  • Bolt welding
  • Roller hemming and flanging
  • Gluing
  • Best-fit assembly
  • as well as special applications on request.

Areas of operation

All industrial sectors, particularly the automotive industry, body shop, aerospace industry and nuclear industry.


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A fast automatic tool changer is a decisive factor for efficiency and productivity. Short conversion times and the highest degree of flexibility in robot-controlled production are made possible by Stäubli, due to intelligent, modular product concepts. The tool changing systems for robots fulfill high load-bearing requirements, while at the same time offering a wide range of application-specific variants. The MPS 630 automatic tool changer is particularly suitable in industrial production environments which are characterized by fast speed and high precision.

Technical data

  • Payload up to 630 kg
  • Bending moment up to 5,000 Nm (static), 17,500 Nm (dynamic)
  • Torsion moment up to 5,000 Nm (static), 17,500 Nm (dynamic)
  • Locking: pneumatic (additional protection by compound spring on pressure drop)
  • Operating pressure: Min. 4.5 bar – Max. 12 bar 
  • Flange fitting per DIN EN ISO 9409 1 A-125, A-160, A-200

Coupling modules for media, data and power transmission

  • Electrical connectors for data and electrical signals
  • Primary circuit plug for welding power transfer
  • Media couplings for liquids and gases
  • Pneumatic and vacuum modules
  • Hydraulic module
  • Material transfer
  • Bus modules
  • Transponder module
  • Safety module for active docking performance level d, category 3
  • Further modules on request
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Robot tool changer MPS 630 with modules

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Docking station

  • Flexible and robust storage system
  • Deployable vertically or horizontally
  • Standardized or customer-specific docking stations
  • Can be integrated into the plant control system
  • Optional protective cover for harsh environmental conditions
  • Optional additional sensors

Programming jig

  • Easy installation of the programming jig by means of a click function
  • Quick and easy determination of the dome position
  • Exact positioning for fast and trouble-free docking operations as well as long service life
  • No additional software necessary