Robotic tool changer MPS 020


  • Holding/handling
  • Vacuum
  • Also special applications on request

Areas of operation

  • All areas of industry
our Sales Team

Robotic tool change systems from the MPS series are impressive due to their multifunctional technology applications and cover the entire bandwidth of customer-specific applications. The MPS 020 is an extremely flexible solution for small payloads. These automatic tool changers, which have a very compact construction, use integrated media ducts and optional data and energy transmission modules.

Technical data

  • Payload up to 20 kg
  • Bending moment up to 30 Nm (static), 105 Nm (dynamic)
  • Torsional moment up to 30 Nm (static), 105 Nm (dynamic)
  • Locking: pneumatic (additional protection by compound spring on pressure drop)
  • Operating air pressure: min. 0.5 MPa – max. 1.0 Mpa
  • Flange fitting per EN ISO 9409-1-40-4-M6

Coupling modules for media, energy and data transmission

  • 6 units M5 integrated media ducts for compressed air and vacuum
  • Optional 23-pin electrical connector for data and electrical signal transmission

Storage station

  • Flexible and robust storage system
  • Standardized single, double or quad storage system
  • Customer-specific storage systems on request
  • Can be integrated in machine control
  • Optionally with additional sensors

Programming support

  • Simple installation of programming support with a click function
  • Quick and easy determination of coupling position
  • Exact positioning for quick and fault-free docking processes and a long service life
  • No additional software necessary