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CombiTac is the ideal all-in-one modular connector system for demanding applications that require a constant, safe and stable connection. Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, CombiTac contacts are resistant to vibrations and shock, can achieve up to 100’000 mating cycles and reach current levels up to 300 A.
CombiTac is designed according to exact connector safety standard requirements to ensure equipment and personnel safety (IP2X protection, leakage-free fluid and pneumatic contacts,safety coding).  

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MULTILAM technology

The MULTILAM Technology provides high efficiency electrical contact with high rated current and short circuit-carrying capacity. 

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Long life components

Misalignment absorption through float mounting, along with high resistance to vibration and shock, guarantee a long-life modular connector solution. 

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Space saving solution

No need for various individual connectors as all connection types are included in a single modular connector. This includes high density signals and adjustable space-saving sizes.

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Reconfigurable and expandable

Modularity allows you to reconfigure and expand your existing CombiTac to meet your future connector requirements. This is done quickly, easily, and cost effectively without having to replace the complete connector. 

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CombiTac can be designed to exactly fit your product dimensional and cut-out requirements, saving space and re-design costs.  

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Cost saving

The high quality and long life expectency of CombiTac helps keep service costs to the minimum. Delivered already assembled and upon request with cable assembly, it saves assembly and logistic costs.