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Taking performance to the next level

Ensuring your application runs safely and reliably with the help of our products and expertise.

Training and Services Overview

Experts at your service

We serve customers around the world who aim to increase their industrial productivity whilst maintaining quality, reliability and safety. As one of the leading manufacturers of connection solutions, Stäubli Electrical Connectors fulfills needs for all types of electrical power, data, fluid and gas connections. Our fundamental driving force is a passion for quality and innovation, passed on through many years of industrial experience.  Our solutions are invented, designed, engineered, produced and enhanced by our skilled, ambitious and highly qualified staff.  We focus on improving the reliability, efficiency, performance and usability of your equipment and applications, thereby raising your productivity bar and optimizing the total cost of ownership.

As a certified manufacturer, we are proud to meet all the requirements of the respective markets and their local regulations. Compliance with international standards is a matter of course for us. This is why we ensure that our products meet or exceed the relevant industry standards. Stäubli attaches great importance to field data, tests according to customer requirements and in-house long-term tests. Our worldwide test laboratories are regularly audited by national and international standards organizations. At the same time, we are actively involved in the relevant standards committees. This enables us to adapt quickly in the event of changes.

The unique MULTILAM contact technology at the heart of our products guarantees highly efficient power transmission and long service life. MULTILAM ensures reliable and safe electrical connections even under the toughest operating conditions - some products in our portfolio even offer up to one million mating cycles.

Top quality is the key to our success.

When it comes to our products and services, we always give our best. We pay attention to the highest quality in all areas - in the materials used, in the production facilities, in the manufacturing processes and in the serives. Our solutions are designed for durability, performance and continuity. We select our suppliers and partners carefully and treat them as experts in their field. Our partnerships are characterized by transparency, openness, reliability and respect.

Our quality management system serves to continuously review and improve processes and thereby guarantee our customers the best possible quality. Audits are carried out at regular intervals to check the standards.

Our understanding of quality extends to all areas of the company. Stäubli Electrical Connectors has been ISO EN 9001 certified since 1993.

As a responsible company, we are committed to sustainability and always seek a constructive balance between our business objectives and the needs of a natural and social environment. This applies to customers, suppliers and shareholders as well as employees and the environment.

Our environmental policy defines the framework of our active environmental management with the aim of sustainably protecting the natural resources of air, water, soil, flora and fauna.

Based on this knowledge, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly or recyclable, non-hazardous raw materials for the products we develop, manufacture and sell.
  • Our production methods are selected on the basis of environmental aspects such as energy consumption, emissions and waste, taking economic efficiency into account.
  • We regularly monitor and evaluate our activities and their impact on the environment. Based on existing economic conditions, we derive measures aimed at further reducing our environmental impact.
  • For purchased components and services, we choose partners who are also committed to ecological action.
  • We comply with the respective national legal and other requirements and strive for a high level of occupational safety, health and environmental protection throughout the company.

We strengthen the environmental awareness of our employees through training so that everyone is able to make a contribution to environmental protection and occupational safety at their workplace.