Weaving preparation

The Stäubli UNI-LINK system

Our UNI-LINK system for process optimization between warp beam stock and weaving machine assures quick style changes, short down times for the weaving machines, and a rational sequence in production. The system components can be used together with all Stäubli drawing-in installations, for all types of weaving machines and “Quick Style Change” systems, and all transport equipment.

OPAL automatic leasing machine - Stäubli weaving preparation

OPAL leasing machine

OPAL draws in a lease into warps for the drawing-in or tying process. For example, these warps may come from direct warping with fancy or filament yarns. The required drawing-in repeat is programmed with a touch-screen. The lease is drawn in whilst system functions are monitored and controlled by a camera system.

WARPLINK warp welding device - Stäubli weaving preparation

WARPLINK warp welding device

With WARPLINK, the laying-in and start-up of weaving of newly drawn in or stationary tied warps is simplified. The plastic film welded to the end of the warp threads is placed in the weaving machine take up rollers. The resulting time savings in machine downtime at style change is up to 30 minutes.

UNI-THERM for thermally fixing warps with elastic or hight twist yarns - Stäubli weaving preparation

UNI-THERM heat setting installation

The easy-to-use UNI-THERM thermally fixes warps with elastic or high-twist yarns. After this heat treatment, these yarns can be automatically drawn-in or tied without problems. In just a few minutes, a warp is fixed: there is no need for ironing, and difficulties for subsequent operations are avoided.

UNI-PORT harness transport system - Stäubli weaving preparation

UNI-PORT harness transport system

UNI-PORT carries the drawn-in harness for intermediate storage and for reliable transport between weaving preparation and the weaving shed. It features standardized interfaces and assures, in connection with laying-in and transport systems, universal use and simple operation. Its carrying hooks offer maximum transport safety and support trouble-free placement in the weaving machine.