Weaving preparation

Active Warp Control AWC

The 100% controlled identification and handling of warp yarns in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability in warp processing – namely during automatic drawing-in – is the purpose of “Active Warp Control” (AWC).

The central aspect of AWC is the optical, non-contact recognition and measurement of yarn characteristics by two cameras. High-performance processors analyse the images and deliver precise data at millisecond intervals on the condition of the warp yarns to be processed. By comparing this data with the target data, which is available to the system through the programmed draw-in repeat on the one hand and the weaving mill’s own empirical values on the other, errors are detected with a high degree of certainty.

Drawing-in with SAFIR systems featuring Stäubli AWC makes weaving mills profit from a weaving process based on perfectly drawn-in harnesses and highest performance in weaving.

Features and benefits

Warps with a 1:1 lease,
uni- or multi-coloured, varying yarn titres possible



Double-end detection

Warps drawn in faultlessly; no corrective work.

Repeat monitor

Fewer operator errors due to setting of control stops. Graphic display of the separated yarn at control stop. Rapid visual checking.

Yarn repeat detection

Lease errors are automatically recognised.

Yarn repeat detection S/Z

Errors in warp preparation are detected and corrected.

Warps without a lease,
uni- or multi-coloured, 1 or 2 yarn layers, varying yarn titres possible



Double-end detection

Warps drawn in faultlessly; no corrective work, no misaligned warp yarns in the weaving machine.

Yarn repeat management

Yarn repeat management S/Z

Cost-effective warp production without sectional warping, assembly without separating cords, perfectly drawn-in warps, hardly any operator intervention.

Layer separation unit

Enables highly complex weave structures e.g. using two warp beams. High value creation.