Weaving preparation

SAFIR drawing-in machines with AWC technology

Stäubli’s automatic drawing-in machines have proven their capabilities in the most diverse applications. In the SAFIR series, weaving mills will find their ideal solution with an optimal price-performance ratio. All Stäubli drawing-in installations feature modular design, so they can be exactly configured to any mill’s specific requirements. Subsequent adaptations are possible.

In addition to drawing-in machines, Stäubli also offers warp-tying machines and UNI-LINK system accessories.


Stäubli SAFIR S32 automatic drawing in machine

The SAFIR S32 automatic drawing-in machine is perfect for weaving mills that process filament yarns.

Solution for filaments


Stäubli SAFIR S40 automatic drawing in machine

The SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in machine is the ideal solution for mills producing a variety of standard applications.

Solution for standard applications and denim


Stäubli SAFIR S60 automatic drawing in machine

The SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in machine is designed for universal use in producing various fabric types of medium complexity.

Solution for universal applications


Stäubli SAFIR S80 automatic drawing in machine

The SAFIR S80 automatic drawing-in machine is the perfect solution for manufacturing complex fabrics woven with 1 or 2 warp beams.

Solution for complex applications

Active Warp Control ‘AWC’

Active Warp Control Technology on Stäubli SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines

State of the art technology by Stäubli for a 100% controlled management of warp yarns for highest quality.

Solutions for warp management