Frame weaving

Rotary dobby series S2600 for patterned fabric

The electronically controlled positive rotary dobby series S2600 is suitable for producing all kinds of patterned fabrics on the projectile weaving machine. Dobby series S2600 is driven directly by the loom by a direct coupling on the dobby shaft or a transmission chain.

This series includes S2665 and S2675 types.


  • Robust monobloc housing
  • Modular construction to enhance accessibility
  • Extremely resilient, consistent and reliable
  • Outstanding performance
  • Shed opening simple to adjust
  • Low maintenance
  • Oil bath lubrication
  • Electronic control by independent Stäubli control unit, integral control unit or weaving machine electronics

Features / Model

S2665 / S2675

Housing size


18 lifting units

12 mm


Projectile weaving machine


Low position


Provided together with the projectile weaving machine