Carpet weaving

Schönherr carpet weaving machines

Under the brand Schönherr Stäubli develops and produces high-quality double carpet rapier weaving machines. Rooted in tradition and based on more than 150 years of experience in product development, we are committed to offering highly flexible carpet weaving machinery incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Delivering the proven ALPHA series around the world, Stäubli is renowned as the supplier of the most flexible carpet weaving machines available.


Carpet weaving system ALPHA 560 UNIVERSAL for producing a wide range of carpet qualities.

The carpet weaving machine with the highest flexibility for producing are rugs and wall-to-wall carpets.

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Carpet weaving system ALPHA 500 XHDC for producing high density carpets.

ALPHA 500 XHDC carpet weaving machine is the ideal solution for producing high-density carpets.

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Carpet weaving machine ALPHA 500 SINGLELOOP for industrial production of loop and flat carpeting

The carpet weaving machine that is well suited for the economic production of loop and flat carpeting.

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Carpet weaving machine ALPHA 560 LEANTEC for producing greige material for printing, artificial grass and high-pile carpets

The must-have carpet weaving machine for producing specific applications such as artificial grass or shaggy.

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CSS carpet software

CSS carpet weaver design software and CSS loom manager software solutions for carpet weaving machines, made by Stäubli

Software for the creation of carpet patterns and optimizing of the production capacity of different sized rugs.

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Carpet technologies

Carpet technologies for huge variety of carpet qualities

Overview of binding possibilities showing ground bindings and weft effects produced on ALPHA carpet weaving machines.

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