Trend-setting technology for the textile industry

Stäubli manufactures high speed textile machinery and offers solutions adapted to the requirements of each user. Our machines and accessories include automated weaving preparation systems, shedding solutions for frame and Jacquard weaving, weaving systems for carpet and technical fabrics. In addition, we provide automated solutions for sock knitting.

Weaving preparation

Weaving preparation

Stäubli offers machines for multi-layer leasing, automatic drawing-in, and warp tying for optimising the weaving preparation and ensuring continuous production.

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Frame weaving

Stäubli frame weaving solutions: cam motions, dobbies, transmission systems.

With its proven technology of cam motions and dobbies, Stäubli provides shedding solutions for any type of weaving machine and ensures best weaving quality.

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Jacquard weaving

Stäubli Jacquard weaving systems include a complete range of Jacquard machines as well as Jacquard harnesses, for a wide variety of applications flat fabrics, terry, carpeting, velvets, narrow fabrics and technical fabrics in 3D-weaving.

The broad range of Jacquard machines includes high-productivity weaving solutions for all types of flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics.

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Carpet weaving

Carpet weaving system

Schönherr carpet weaving machines for single or double-face, pile, loop, or flat carpet for residential, contract and transportation end uses.

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Technical weaving

Technical weaving by Stäubli

Stäubli weaving machines for complex technical textiles, including reinforcement fabrics for lightweight applications and heavy industrial textiles.

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Knitting solutions

Stäubli solutions for dynamic process optimisation for sock knitting machine.

Stäubli knitting solutions include electronic control system, automatic toe linking device and programming system optimize sock production process.

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