PLASTICS INDUSTRY Finishing operations

Indispensable robots for painting and decoration

Stäubli robotic arms are essential for painting and decorating operations. With their closed structure and their great rigidity, our robots are indispensable in the area of painting. They guarantee high performance, accuracy and repeatability of trajectories.

In the field of pad printing, the 6-axis Stäubli robot, combined with a tool changer, can replace several machines, saving time, space and productivity.

Success story
Stäubli RX160 Paint robots
Coating of headlight lenses

Currently, all plastic headlamp lenses come with a protective coating. Thanks to the latest generation of robots, transparent micrometer-thin protective layers can be accurately applied under cleanroom conditions.

Our dedicated range

Painting robots

Paint robotic arms

Paint robots meet all requirements for painting applications, regardless of the material covered.

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