The safe handling of chemotherapeutic agents: robots in the pharmacy

If you are a pharmacist, logistician or doctor, you know the benefits of automated drug management, picking systems and robot-assisted patient treatment. Robotic arms are a reliable alternative to the human hand in the challenging task of dispensing cytostatic drugs and in oncology. If you would like to relieve your employees of repetitive tasks in chemotherapeutic drug production, we have a wide range of robotic solutions.

In addition to filling syringes or infusion bags, robots perform safe handling of toxic drugs at both the preparation and the dosage stage. This takes the pressure off your employees, while lowering their health risks.

Success stories - Applications
Stäubli AG - Arxium-riva-pim-2x-59306-jpg-orig.jpg
Quality and safety in the preparation of infusions (ARxIUM)

In hospital pharmacies, a large number of drug doses have to be individually compounded and dispensed on a daily basis. A fully automated infusion compounding system enhances quality during this sensitive task and avoids health and safety risks for clinical staff arising from skin contact with preparations that are often toxic.

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Biobank sample handling at extreme temperatures (Irelec)

The automation of a biobank where a Stäubli robot handles samples at temperatures as low as -150 degrees relieves the employees, increases throughput and improves the quality of the samples. 

High-precision administration of drugs with a TX40 Cleanroom

High-precision administration of drugs (Loccioni)

At one innovative plant, a Stäubli TX40 Cleanroom robot takes on the job of combining toxic drugs for chemotherapy. It accurately measures out cytostatic doses and transfers them to ampules, syringes or IV bags.

Filling of syringes and IV bags with a TX60L Cleanroom

Safe filling of syringes and IV bags (RIVA)

Hospital pharmacies ensure that drugs are properly administered to patients. For this difficult task, Stäubli TX60L Cleanroom robots can fill syringes and IV bags with just the right dose of medicine.